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We at Genetic Computers Inc., Pride Ourselves on the Personal Relationships We Have With Our Clientele. Most everyone we do business with is on a Friend-to-Friend basis. We are more than just a place that Provides Products. We consider ourselves more like a Technical Spa, offering at no additional charge, Valuable Assistance along with anything we sell…

Unlike the Big Conglomerates that Stock and Push Cheap Inventory, which initially appears appealing… However, what they Neglect to Provide is the Personal Support you will most Definitely Need to Maintain your computer in the Future (and this is how they make their real profit). They may claim to have Technical Help via Phone and will even try to sell you, at an additional cost of course, a Service Contract which often extends or expands your warranty. What they most usually do is align themselves (thus you) with a Local repair company that is Available for Service should you need it. Often persuading for On-Site Servicing with almost Coercion like tactics (keeping their overhead down). Offering more Feasible rates (albeit extremely High Pricing even for the industry), and Extended Warranties for the Repair if they Come to you vs. you Bringing it to them (par, it is almost always more expensive to have techs go on-site).

Fact, some of these repair companies only Warranty their service for, get this…Five Days! But now if they come to you, the Warranty generously extends itself for a Whole Whopping Twenty Days!!! That means whatever they fix, if it should happen again on the Sixth day or Twenty-First Day after your servicing you’re…Out Of Luck! That’s Right, you read that Correctly! So Obviously most People opt to have a Technician Come to them. So you Now have some Stranger, a person you have never even met, Traipsing through your home (with dirty shoes and who knows what else), just because it’s your Only logical viable option?!

We Wonder what kind of Company wouldn’t Warranty their work for at least Thirty days (30) straight across the board, In-house or Out, regardless of where ever it was serviced??? (Even a garden hose comes with that!) Whenever the problem cannot be Solved via phone (by the way this will Often probably be the Outcome and Only remedy to the hour+ phone consult that they will have for you). What these Bargain Basements also Neglect to tell you is that the Advisement will Most Likely come from a Foreign Call Center by a Person that speaks English but with a Heavy often Hard to understand Accent. So here you are hypothetically, unable to, Access your e-mail or Internet-Explorer keeps Crashing on you, or perhaps maybe you can’t Access your Important Work Files etc… Now it takes you 30-45 min of Transfers, Being On Hold and reiterating your Problem Ad-Nauseam to Several Different People before you are even able to get to the ‘right department’ that Supposedly can Solve your Issues. (Oh and let’s not forget the usual convenient hang-up, where you are ‘accidentally’ disconnected!) Then once you do Finally get that ‘correct person’ they Barely seem to Speak English. Not only is it Difficult to Decipher what they are saying, it’s also accompanied with Loud and Obnoxious Background Noises. By now you’re So Frustrated that you just want to throw the Piece of Junk out the Window!

With Every DeskTop, Notebook, Printer or Anything that you purchase from Genetic…or have serviced with us comes with Personal Support. When you do business with Genetic Computers you are basically building a Personal Relationship that is always available for Emergencies should they or rather when they arrive! You will have Tangible Support whenever you need it! This equals Personal and Perhaps Livelihood Security for you! You’re Networking with a Locally Fair, Reliable and Honest Business. A Reputable Business that has survived for 23+ yrs in the Capital Region. In a Field that is Constantly evolving and Heavily competed, this is not something that could be ‘Hyped Up’ for an Extended amount of time. Keeping our doors Open for this Long proves that we are Who We Say We Are! Just give us a Call or Stop by once and you Will see and feel Comfortable right away! This we Personally Guarantee!

We Thank You for taking your Valuable Time to Inquire about The Support That Genetic Computers Strives To Uphold… and We look forward to doing Business with you In the Future!