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From Individual End Users to Full Office Networks

Genetic provides the Most Modern Solutions for all types of Technological Needs and Issues. Everything Computer related, All Makes and Models of PC and Macintosh…from Full Office Networking to Individual End Users. We also Specialize in Printing Solutions, and are the Only Authorized Service Provider in the entire 518 area code for Konica-Minolta Printers. Genetic also has a Focus on; Gaming Sales & Needs, Custom Case Modifications (newest craze), Refurbished Laptops, Used Printers, Upgrading etc… We are also proud to announce our most recent Venture of Showcasing and Distributing the Fine Home and Office Furnishings of Riverside Furniture.

We at Genetic will get your Computers and Peripherals working at Peak Performance, so your Systems are more Productive and downtime is minimized. Computer problems can be so frustrating, stressful and costly in more ways than one. So if you're having problems you can’t resolve…Looking to upgrade…Software questions about the latest in Computer Technology or even the oldest… call us. Our expert advice, experience and troubleshooting will save you time and money. Your computers will be optimized for speed reliability and security.

Most PCs & Macs are repaired on-site within 24-48 hours… We use the world's most advanced PC diagnostic tools, even providing Board Level repair. Diagnostics are done on a first come-serve basis however, we offer an expeditious service option for those who require immediate attention. Diagnostic fees are incorporated into the price of the service.

Business and Residential services offered include

Diagnostics  Upgrades  Repairs 
Firewalls  Network Security  Wireless Networking 
Setups  Routers  Remote Access 
Virus and Spyware Removal  Network Design  Consulting 
Optimization  PC Cleaning  Maintenance 
Custom Case Mods  Minolta Printing Solutions  Riverside Fine Furnishings 


Genetic Computers offers a Comprehensive Consulting Service to provide you with Information on the vast plane of computer and technical issues. From Full Office Networks to Individual End Users… Our initial Consultation only takes a few moments. We will assess the performance of your existing Network, Hardware, Software, Internet Connectivity and Peripheral devices, of course considering your needs as well. We will always provide you with the most Efficient Solutions Possible to Enhance Your Systems, Boost Productivity Levels, Profit Margin and last but not least… Enjoyment!


Genetic provides Informative Fun Training on new or old Software and Hardware for Individuals or Small groups. We utilize Microsoft CBT training tools for all MS products. No matter the area of interest do not hesitate to Inquire about Any of your Educational needs! *No one is too old to learn new things. Just as no question is a stupid question!

Internet Access

Genetic Computers can help you determine what Internet Service Provider is best suited for your needs… Will it be…DSL or Cable for High Speed web access that is always available? Or good old-fashioned efficient dialup? Should you perhaps Add Wireless Capabilities? Bluetooth? Is it for One PC or Multiples? Business or Residential? So many Choices…which Is the Best for your money? What does each One Specifically mean and do? Once you know only then will you be able to decide! Genetic will get you Maximized, Connected, Protected!


Computer Component Parts and Accessories are usually efficient and Easily installed. Instead of purchasing a new PC, call us and see how Inexpensive it can be to Upgrade your Existing System. We can add Memory to make your PC faster. Upgrade your Processor and Hard Drive. Add a CD/DVD Burner, and/or Video Capture Cards with Software to edit your own home movies...very cutting edge in this expanding U-tuber Universe! Upgrading to a DVD Burner will allow you to create your own home movies for friends and family as well! Today’s Technology is ever evolving and upgrading is sometimes the most proficient option to staying with let alone ahead of the game! Is your Virus Program Adequate & Current? Do you have Firewall protection installed? (Always safeguard your computer investment. They don’t call them viruses for nothing!)

Suggested Upgrades

Hard Drive  CD/DVD Burner  Memory 
Video Card  Sound Card  RAID Array 
Wireless  Back-Up Systems  External Drives 
Operating Systems  Video Capture Cards  Power Protection