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Genetic Computers Inc. manufactures and distributes all makes and models of PC and Macintosh Computers. We handle every kind of Printer from OkiData Dot Matrix, Konica-Minolta High-End Color Lasers to HP Large Format Plotters. In addition we are The Only Authorized Service Provider for Konica-Minolta Printers in The Entire 518 area Code…Now others may repair them but they are not Certified! Being the only ASP in our area makes us Highly Recommended, Endorsed, Backed and Referred by Minolta themselves! This benefits you by knowing that obviously we are well versed with this Product and also having that Collaborative Relationship with them translates to Superior expedient Service for you! When we call Minolta with a Printer of yours that we are repairing they listen and Help Us whole-heartedly.

In Addition we build In-House Computers of Our Very Own “Genetic” brand… Having several varieties currently in the making…Available now is our “Signature Model” entitled the DNA …obviously a spin off of the Genetic name. More poignantly it is a System that is Custom Tailored to Suit your individualized taste! Just like your very own DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid…

What in God’s Green earth is that? It’s DNA, and it is the Blueprint by which every living thing functions. Without it we cease to be who we are. Like our DNA every detail of this system is Composed Specifically like you, for you, by you. From the Color, Size, Software, Hardware, Memory, etc…We can even integrate it into your existing space to perfectly fit your home, den, library, bedroom or business office. Whatever you desire!

Top it off with a Hip Tattoo of your own Distinct Design by adding on a Custom Case Mod. The coolest new thing that has happened to the computer since the microchip! Spice it up with some Neon or LED lighting and turn that dreary DeskTop box into an Eclectic Conversation Piece that’s sure to attract attention! Now your DNA is totally and truly One Of A Kind!! Including the price, which will match your budget, not ours. Starting at $777.00 and ranging anywhere up to $5,000.00. The Choices are almost infinite!

Also Genetic stocks and provides products such as; Refurbished Notebooks, Desktops, Printers, Fax machines, Accessories from Cables, Microphones, Video Games, · Desktops · Software · Notebooks · Peripherals · Office Networking · Scanners · Office Workstations · Firewalls · Printers · RAID Arrays · Ink Cartridges · Wireless · Refurbished Notebooks and Desktops · BlueTooth · Cameras · Security · Games · Multimedia Servers and DVR’s · Home & Office Furniture

Genetic accepts all Major Credit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, check, or cash. We also have a Layaway Plan for those who require. Stop by or call to inquire about Current Inventory that is in Stock for items change often. What we do not have in house can be easily ordered.