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Manufacturer: AOPEN
Model: I945GA-PHS

Power Master is a hardware controller to detect your CPU actual loading. And give your system the real time performance. When the loading is really low, it can lower the CPU current and make the fan slower to provide you the quietest working environment. On the contrary, Power Master will increase the CPU current and overclock in time to provide you the best performance. The exclusive design of HDTV connection is the ultimate choice for connecting your PC to a HDTV or STV device. To fulfill this strictly requirement we provide the option of YPbPr connector, Svideo connector and D4 (Japan use only) connector to attain the highest image quality on 1080i, 720p resolution. Both these chipsets (i925X and i915P) support DDR2-400 and DDR2-533 memory types. That means with FSB=200 MHz in the former case the memory runs at 100 MHz, while in the latter case - 133 MHz (due to the specifics of DDR 2 architecture this value turns quadruple, so we get 400 and 533 MHz, respectively).
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Manufacturer: AOPEN
Model: MX46-533V

The MX46-533V is Intel Socket 478 motherboard based on micro-ATX form factor featuring the SiS 651 chipset. With high performance chipset built in the motherboard, the MX46-533V can support Intel Socket 478 Pentium 4 (Willamette/Northwood) and 400/533 MHz Front Side Bus clock. In the AGP performance, it has one AGP slot and supports AGP 4x/2x mode and pipelined split-transaction long burst transfer up to 1056 MB/sec. According to different customer's requirements, this motherboard supports DDR333 (PC2700) SDRAM.
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Manufacturer: AOPEN
Model: S661FXM-7US

Power design supports Intel new generation Prescott CPU
Supports LAN PXE
Supports AGP 8X
Supports DDR400
Serial ATA on-board
Supports USB 2.0 Technology
Supports ATA133 IDE Interface
Hardware Monitoring
Resetable Fuse for Keyboard and USB
Battery-less & Long-life Design
CPU Jumper-less Design
Supports 800MHz FSB CPU Overclocking
Hyper-Threading Technology
Wake on Keyboard
Wake on Keyboard/ Mouse
WOL (Wake On LAN)
Full Colored Easy Installation Guide
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Manufacturer: ASUS
Model: K8N-E

This Athlon 64, nForce 3 motherboard distinguished itself from other solutions of the same platform by adopting the best features to date. Just name it: 8-channel audio, 6 Serial ATA, intelligent features for BIOS and audio setup, and a full lineup of unique and innovative designs
AMD64 architecture enables simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing
Supports AMD Cool 'n' Quiet Technology
Chipset NVIDIA nForce3 250Gb
System Bus 800 MHz
System Memory 3 x 184-pin DIMM Sockets support max. 3GB
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Manufacturer: ASUS
Model: P5ND2-SLI

The P5ND2-SLI Deluxe is designed as one all new Intel 64-bit Socket-775 platform for leading performance and demanding entertainment / multimedia applications with nVIDIA nForce4 SLI-Intel Edition (Crush 19) chipset. Being one insightful new technology pioneer, P5ND2-SLI Deluxe has been one best insightful choice for new video and gaming innovation experience by SLI PCI express graphics with 64 bit leading computing. More than that it also supports Intel 6xx 64-bit 775 CPU. And most impressively P5ND2-SLI Deluxe brings you to new motherboard era with ASUS proactive features, AI N.O.S., Precision Tweaker & AI NET2.
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Manufacturer: INTEL
Model: D5400XS

Introducing the first dual-socket desktop board from Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation. Support for two Intel quad-core processors enables the revolutionary Extreme Series desktop board to deliver up to 8 cores of top-tier performance. With resource intensive games and multimedia tools constantly evolving to the next technological level, demanding users need equally advanced hardware to ensure the best possible computing experience when pushing the envelope. Hardcore gamers and multimedia enthusiasts can take solace in the fact that next-generation Intel® Extreme Series Desktop Boards combine with the latest Intel processors to run the most demanding software applications with ease.
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Manufacturer: INTEL
Model: D946GZIS

The Intel Desktop Board D946GZIS delivers an integrated graphics solution in the Essential Series by combining exceptional value with quality and reliability and supports Intel Core2 Duo, Intel Pentium D, Intel Pentium 4, and Intel Celeron D processors with 1066/800/533 MHz system bus in the LGA775 package. This board features a PCI Express x16 connector, integrated 10/100 LAN, dual-channel DDR2 memory, Intel High Definition Audio (Intel HD Audio) and up to eight USB 2.0 ports.
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Manufacturer: SUPERMICRO
Model: X6DH8-G2+

1. Dual Intel® 64-bit Xeon® Support,
up to 3.80 GHz, 800 MHz FSB
2. Intel® E7520 (Lindenhurst) Chipset
3. Up to 16GB DDR2 400 SDRAM
4. Intel® 82546GB Dual-port Gigabit
Ethernet Controller
5. Adaptec AIC-7902 Dual Channel
Ultra320 SCSI
6. 2x SATA Ports via ICH5R Controller
SATA Controller
7. 2 (x8) & 1 (x4) PCI-Express,
1x 64-bit 133MHz PCI-X,
2x 64-bit 100MHz PCI-X
8. Zero-Channel RAID Support
9. ATI RageXL 8MB Graphics
10. IPMI 2.0 Socket
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Manufacturer: SUPERMICRO
Model: X6DVA-EG2

Supermicro motherboards are designed with the utmost attention to detail to provide you with the highest standards in quality and performance. PRODUCT FEATURES: Dual Intel 64-bit Xeon Support, up to 3.60 GHz, 800 MHz FSB; Intel E7320 (Lindenhurst VS) chipset; Up to 12GB DDRII 400 SDRAM; Dual Intel 82541GI Gigabit Ethernet Controllers; 2x SATA Ports via 6300ESB SATA Controller; 1 (x4) PCI-Express, 1x 64-bit 133MHz PCI-X, 1x 64-bit 100MHz PCI-X, 1x 32-bit 33MHz PCI; IPMI 2.0 Socket.
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