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The Company

Genetic Computers, Inc. has been doing business in the Capital District since 1985 being one of the first personal computer stores to enter the area. We specialize in Sales, Service and Support of both PC's and Macintosh computers as well as manufacturing custom PC's in house. Our clientele consists of many different professional fields including, public relations firms, insurance adjusters, attorney's at law, engineering firms, graphic design studios and even a technologically designed spiritual retreat house just to name a few. All of these offices run networks ranging from six to sixty machines using a vast array of peripherals including laser printers, scanners, RAID systems, digital cameras and many other of today's technological advances. Genetic Computers, Inc. also services individual end users who comprise everything from home based printing firms to hard-core game enthusiasts.

Our Service and Support

Sales, Service and Support are the backbone of Genetic Computers, Inc. Our service and support are unmatched in the Capital District. Most network installations include several days of training to allow the customer to become completely comfortable before delving wholeheartedly into the network. Everything from backing up the server to remote printing is handled in painstaking detail until the client is absolutely comfortable with the whole procedure. In house a well as, on-site training allows the client to decide where he or she is more comfortable to work on the individual problem. Genetic Computers, Inc. offers sales training that goes well beyond the normal expectations of everyday computer firms. We stand behind our products and provide the solution that the individual clients are looking for. Sales and service technicians are available during normal business hours and also after normal business hours via on-line communications, paging and video conferencing. It is a great feeling for clients to know that help is only a phone call away.


Genetic Computers, Inc offers network solutions that allow offices to exist in a hassle free working environment Using components from such companies as 3COM, Cisco, Intel and Western Digital we provide offices and individuals with solutions that not only meet company expectations but surpass all prior beliefs. Custom networking allows the clients to conform the hardware to their individual needs weather it be networking a series of printers or sharing a live video feed. Hardware incorporated into these networks can include everything from scanners to video conferencing.